Increases chance in pregnancy

15% – 20% Increased Chance in Pregnancy

What is an Embryoscope?

The EmbryoScope™ is high-tech IVF incubator with a built-in camera for automated time-lapse imaging that records continuous embryonic development of fertilized oocytes in a safe incubation environment from conception until the time of transfer.

Continuous images of the embryos are captured as a video, allowing embryologist to monitor the embryos constantly and capture any new information about their growth. Selection of embryos that are more likely to implant successfully in a hopeful mother-to-be’s womb, is possible based on this data.

Preliminary studies showed that it can increase up to 20% the chance of success of assisted reproductive technology. Moreover, early research indicates that the Embryoscope ensures a higher survival of embryos upto 15%.

Unlike many other Clinics that use Embryoscope selectively at an additional cost with IVF, we use Embryoscope with ALL our IVF’s at no additional cost


How does Embryoscope increase chances of Pregnancy?

Most fertilized embryos today are kept in traditional incubator and embryologists can only check on them once or twice a day by removing them from the incubator for a short period of time without disturbing the embryo’s environment.

But with an Embryoscope, an Embryologist can touch a screen and watch in detail an embryo’s development moment by moment. They can check for abnormalities and developmental milestones such as cell division, which can make a difference in the embryo’s ability to implant, without removing them from incubator, hence minimizing any risks.

An Embryoscope immensely increases embryo selection, improves embryo culture and manipulation. Embryoscope has a capacity to monitor upto 12 embryo’s at a time, it can take snapshots every 5-20 minutes of preset interval for the entire duration of the incubation period. This allows comprehensive monitoring of embryonic development. And makes it possible to detect abnormal embryo at a very early stage without harming an embryo. As a result the most viable embryo is selected for implantation during an IVF cycle, which is why the pregnancy rates are higher.


  • Improves Embryo selection

  • Less manipulation of embryos reduces risk of harm

  • Provides a non-invasive way of evaluating embryo

  • Predicting Chromosomal Abnormalities

  • As fewer embryos will be transferred through a more efficient selection the number of higher risk multiple pregnancies decrease 


Embryoscope provides the very first snap shots of your baby ‘to be’. 

It provides a record in pictures and videos of the very beginning of a future baby’s life.
Feel free to ask our Doctors for the images and video’s of the very beginning of your baby’s life

Here’s a sneak peak at the hi-tech machine