Quick Reference Chart

Chart with consolidated information about Evaluation services including Cost.

Evaluation Services - Quick Reference Chart

Test NameTypeHow is it doneWhen is it doneTime takenAppx CostReport Availability
Female Hormone TestOut PatientBlood SampleCycle day 2-510 minsDepends on Test8 hrs
Ovulatory Function EvaluationOut PatientTransvaginal SonographyCycle Day 10-185 minutes Each1300Immediately
Hysterosalpingography (HSG)Out PatientX Ray taken after inserting dye into the uterusDay 6-8 (After completion of menses)30 minutes2000Same Day
Endometrial BiopsyOut PatientSample from the lining of the uterus is takenday 21-2510 minutes22003 to 4 Days
HysteroscopyDay CareExamination of the uterine cavity under general anaesthesiaDay 6-8 (After completion of menses)30 minutes25000Same Day
3D/4D Endometrial CavityOut Patienttransvaginal sonographyday 10-1410 minutes1500Same Day
LaparoscopyDay Careexamination of uterus, tubes and tubal patency under general anaesthesiaDay 6-8 (After completion of menses)30 minutes35000Same Day
Post Coital TestOut Patientsample from the cervix is taken and examined under microscopeday 135 minutes15002 to 3 hours
Male Hormone TestOut PatientBlood SampleAnytime10 minutesDepends on Test8 hours
Advanced Semen AnalysisOut PatientSemen Sample is assessed under high magnification microscope3 days of Abstinence30 minutes6002 to 3 hours
DFI-DNA Fragmentation IndexOut PatientAnalysis of DNA of Sperm3 days of Abstinence2 hours10004 hours
Multiple Testicular Scanning (MTS)Day Carein males where sperm count is nil, a testicular scanning is done under anaesthesiaAnytime15 minutes25,000Same Day
Quick Reference Chart giving details about procedure and costing