IVF Related Myths and Facts

Myth : IVF is very painful

Fact : IVF is not that painful, procedure is done under Anesthesia

Myth : IVF is not successful

Fact : IVF process has high success rate of upto 65% per Embryo transfer

Myth : IVF pregnancies are always Twins

Fact : Choose Single Blastocyst Transfer to ensure single healthy pregnancy

Myth : IVF leads to birth defect in babies

Fact : None of the studies so far have proven that IVF babies are abnormal

Myth : IVF drugs increase risk of Cancer

Fact : No study done so far has proven an increased risk of cancer. IVF is safe.

Myth : If IVF has failed once, it might fail again, so there is no point in trying again.

Fact : IVF is not a guaranteed treatment. Every IVF embryo transfer has a 65% chance of success, meaning 35% of women will fail to conceive in one cycle.

Myth : IVF can be tried at any age. So there's no reason to rush

Fact : Women’s fertility declines steeply after age 35, hence, one should plan an IVF cycle in advance rather than delay.

Myth : IVF is very costly

Fact : IVF results in a live baby and is much less expensive than a knee replacement