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Best Success Rate in IVF  & ICSI at Low Cost


Indore Infertility Clinic brings to you the latest in Infertility treatment with Assisted Reproductive Technology and modern state of art equipment along with highly Qualified and Competent IVF Specialists in Indore.

We are the state’s first Infertility Clinic specializing in Comprehensive Male and Female Infertility Services. 

Our IVF Lab is run by Indore’s first ESHRE – (European Board) Internationally Certified Embryologist ensuring the best success rate in IVF ICSI treatment.

We provide the Best Infertility Treatment using IVF and ICSI technology with the highest success rate.

Our state of art IVF ICSI Lab has the Best Success Rate at par with International Standards. Our embryologists and IVF Specialists work hand in hand to provide a highly personalized treatment plan that is affordable for all.

IVF is a team work and we have over the years gathered the team of best IVF Specialist in Indore with highly experienced IVF doctors, IVF nurses, IVF Lab technicians and Embryologists. Our staff is not only well trained but also very efficient and show immense empathy to all patients dealing with Infertility.

To know more about us, please visit or try our Free IVF Consultation.


Indore is centrally located and well connected throughout India.

There are around 27 registered IVF centers in Indore who provide more or less similar services. As compared to other tier 2 cities the density of IVF clinics in Indore is much higher.

This gives an added advantage to infertility patients since they can be rest assured that they get the best IVF treatment in Indore as compared to any other city and the cost of IVF cycle in Indore is much less as compared to other metro cities.

The healthy competition in the IVF clinic’s in Indore has made the availability of the best of Infertility Treatment options in Indore with availability of the best and well trained Embryologist.

Our Vision For success

We at Indore Infertility Clinic, thrive to be the best IVF center in Indore with patient friendly infertility treatment where patients need to visit the IVF center fewer number of times.

Our expertise in handling online and telephonic communication has made IVF treatment for even remote patients residing out of Indore very easy and successful. We strive to provide low cost IVF and Infertility treatment in Indore with best IVF success rate at par with International standards.

Our IVF Protocols are completely customized based on patient history to deliver best IVF success rate in Indore. Our IVF specialists make sure that they do not use too many technical jargons and explain the entire infertility treatment in simple words.

We are also proud to be associated with the best Fetal Medicine Specialist in town so that our patients stay in our care till their delivery monitoring important milestones without any hassle.

our ivf lab

We are proud to be the first IVF lab in Indore which is operated by ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologist – (Internationally Certified Embryologist) promising nothing less than the best IVF success rate in Indore.

Unmatched cumulative experience in Single Blastocyst Transfers assuring the best success rate per embryo transfer. We are proud to be the only lab where we had zero fetal reductions done since 2018. Most of our Embryo Transfers are Single Blastocyst Transfer.

Equipped with the latest technology, we are able to deliver affordable and low cost IVF treatment in Indore for patients suffering from Infertility in Indore. We do not charge separately for Blastocyst Culture, Sperm Freezing and Embryo Freezing.

Our fertility Services

We specialize in evaluation of both female and male partners using simple and affordable tests like Advanced Semen Analysis, Follicular Monitoring using  Transvaginal Ultrasound, blood hormone tests like AMH, Laparoscopic Surgery evaluation etc. All under one roof and quick reporting within few hours. We also offer advanced Genetic testing like PGS or PGT for many genetic disorders.

We offer a complete range of Infertility treatment for treating both Female and Male Infertility.  Various treatment options include IUI, IVF, ICSI , Blastocyst Culture, Donor Eggs and Surrogacy. 

Our core fertility Service stands to be IVF – ICSI – Blastocyst Culture. We specialize in treating obstructive Azoospermia with ICSI – Micro TESE or TESA. We have unparalleled expertise over cryopreservation and thawing on Embryos and oocytes.

We also offer complete Pre-implantation and Pre Natal Genetic Testing as well as best Genetic Counselling in Indore by specially trained Genetic Specialist.



Our Team of fertility specialists

We have a cohesive team comprising of the Best Infertility Specialists, only Internationally Certified Embryologists, and the Best IVF Doctors in Indore.

Our Doctors have unparalleled experience in all aspects of Infertility Treatment because you deserve the best IVF specialist in Indore to handle your case.


Dr. Gajendra Tomar

Fertility Specialist & Unit Head



Dr. Neena Somani




Dr. Kapil Kochchar




Mr. Hemant Deshmukh

Senior Embryologist & Lab Incharge


Ms. Doel Bose Pande
B.E, M.Sc

Certified Embryologist & Operations Head



Dr. Gajendra Tomar

Fertility Specialist & Unit Head



Dr. Neena Somani



dr kapil kochchar leader in male fertility treatment

Dr. Kapil Kochchar




Mr. Hemant Deshmukh

Embryologist & Lab Incharge


Ms. Doel Bose Pande
B.E, M.Sc

Embryologist & Operations Head


Featured fertility Services

We specialize in treating patients with Low Ovarian Reserve (Low AMH)  and poor semen parameters like oligozoospermia, teratozoospermia and azoospermia. Our personalized IVF protocol ensures best success rate in IVF – ICSI even for patients above 35, patients with PCOS and Poor Ovarian Reserves (low AMH)

best surrogacy centre

best surrogacy centre

IVF patient success stories

IVFMale Fertility Treatment

Over the last decade we as a Team of IVF specialist have handled thousands of infertility patients in Indore and around and helped most to fulfill their parenthood dream.

Although every Infertility patient is important for us and we remember most patients by their name, but some special and difficult IVF patients stay in our memory forever. 

Presenting some of the most difficult IVF cases like multiple IVF failures, Recurrent implantation failure, genetic abnormality in embryos etc where we were able to deliver IVF success through our expertise. 

We have also assisted numerous cancer patients in freezing their eggs and sperms before Chemotherapy. 

Some of our most memorable patients have been the ones who have been persistent in their IVF treatment even after multiple IVF failures due to advance maternal age. We specialize in delivering IVF results through our Donor programs after careful evaluation of process.

For cases of Male Infertility in Indore, we have the feat of finding sperms through Micro-TESE for even the most hopeless of cases.


Best Infertility Clinic in Indore: Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Our Clinic and Our Top IVF Specialist

Vishal parakh

We are very happy with IVF infertility in indore in fertility.doctor & staff behaviour is to good .we are recommended to visit for IVF infertility in indore in fertility with gajendra tomar sir

Paridhi Maheshwari

My experience with Indore in infertility clinic has been wonderful. The doctors here are very approachable and supportive and the staff is also very helpful. Would definitely recommend this place to others

Biswajit Ghosh

Uncomplicated treatment. Doctor simplifies things with no room for doubt. Clear treatment plan, easy payment options. Absolutely delighted by the treatment and communication system

Shreya saraf

Wonderful experience with Indorein fertility . Dr. G S TOMAR was a wonderful and knowlegable. and the staff was always helpful and kind. I am so glad I chose dr. Tomar and would highly recommend to anyone

Shailesh Tomar

I have good experience with indore infertility center , all staff is very humble and experienced and dr Gajendra tomar and somani madam treating me not only by medicine but also counciling is in very positive way

Harshwardhan Kusumakar

Had a wonderful experience here at the clinic. Dr. Gajendra Tomar and Dr. Neena Somani, both handled our case in the best possible way. The entire staff is so professional and courteous. I highly recommend Indore Infertility Clinic

Manish Dhariwal

After having two abortions last year, we hve lost hope. Friend suggested Dr. Tomar as he has deep knowledge of subject. He explain our problem in easy language. Treatment was successful and we are very happy with result. Thank you

Arti Verma

Dr. Tomar sir is best infertility doctor. My experience with indore in infertility clinic has been wonderful. The doctors here are very cooperative and supportive and the staff is also very helpful. Would definitely recommend this place to others.

Kajal Dubey

Thanks to Dr.Tomar sir and Dr. Somani mam.We were new to Indore and got reference of dr. Tomar from my relative we are glad that we decided to get treatment done from him.Indore infertility clinic is the best in Indore/India.I came here for hope and my hope have become true. Thanks to all clinic staff also they were very supportive.

Ramesh sharma

We are very happy with the remote support that we got throughout our IVF cycle from dr Tomar and his entire staff. Lockdown was not easy to handle but dr and his staff always supported us on WhatsApp and phone. Blessed with healthy baby last month. Thank you so much for everything

packages for fertility test

“Doubt can only be removed by action” – Johann Wolfgang

Proactive Low Cost Fertility Assessment Packages for Women & Men

The first step towards Infertility Treatment is to get yourself evaluated to know the cause of Infertility. We at Indore Infertility Clinic offer the best packages in Fertility Testing at discounted rates and ensure that you have nothing less than the best IVF specialist in Indore at your disposal to evaluate and interpret your reports.

The three most important Fertility Test are Semen Analysis, Baseline ultrasound for evaluating the ovarian and uterine function as well as test to evaluate Tubal patency. 

Fertility Test For Females
Fertility Test For Men
Final 2
PCOS Screening

Patient Support during infertility treatment

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IVF is a Journey, taken by the most courageous patients, directed by the IVF specialist and executed by the IVF Nurses and Embryologists. 

It needs high amount of commitment from both patients and IVF clinics. Where every step should be taken hand in hand ensuring the best IVF results.

If you have any questions or queries related to your treatment please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can arrange your Free Consultation with Dr. Gajendra Singh Tomar. You will know why he is known as one of the best IVF doctors in Indore after consulting him.

We love to see our happy patients leaving us with a smile on their faces and babies in their hands. They often say that in their experience we are the best IVF center in Indore.


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FAQs about fertility treatment

What is Infertility ?

The textbook definition of Infertility is the inability to conceive after six to twelve months of unprotected intercourse. However, the duration of unprotected intercourse depends on the age of the partners, especially the female partner. The age at which women are getting married has changed worldwide, with more and more women either getting married late or wanting to have children late. For women over 30 years, the duration of unprotected intercourse should be 6 months after which they should definitely consult an Infertility Specialist.

How is Infertility diagnosed?

The three standard tests that are typically ordered for diagnosis of Infertility are follicular monitoring with baseline ultrasound and tubal patency test (HSG) for female partners. For the male partner, a semen analysis test is usually ordered.

If the results of these tests are not normal, then further tests are ordered.

Why Indore Infertility Clinic?

Because we have the Best Success Rate in IVF / ICSI at a Low Cost

We provide comprehensive fertility treatment by the best IVF Specialist of Indore. Our state of art IVF ICSI Lab has the Best Success Rate at par with International Standards. Our Embryologists and IVF Specialists work hand in hand to provide a highly personalised treatment plan that is affordable for all. With leading IVF doctors and a world-class IVF lab, Indore Infertility Clinic delivers on its promise of helping you in fulfilling your parenthood dream.


Our IVF Lab is run by Indore’s first Internationally certified Embryologist (ESHRE – European Board) ensuring nothing but the very best to even those who have failed multiple IVF cycles.

What is the success rate of the Indore IVF clinic in terms of live births and pregnancy rates?

The worldwide success rate of any good IVF clinic still stays close to 30%. It is very difficult to report live birth rates of remote patients who do not stay in touch with us throughout pregnancy. Excluding the ones that we have lost touch with, the live birth rate of Indore Infertility Clinic is about 43% for patients below 35 years of age, while the rate is 32% for patients above 35 years of age. Our live birth rate for Donor Program is close to 49%

Does Indore infertility clinic do the pre-genetic diagnosis of embryos?

Yes. We at Indore Infertility Clinic have the capability to perform Embryo Biopsy to test the chromosomes and genes of the embryo before Embryo Transfer. This process is called pre-implantation genetic testing of PGT. 

The need to perform genetic testing of PGT should be clinically indicated, we do not test the genetic competence of an embryo if it is not clinically indicated.

What is the cost of Infertility Tests ?

For details please click on the link.  Cost of infertility test in indore.

How to choose the Right fertility clinic in Indore?

A few factors to consider while making the choice are the experience of Infertility specialists: experienced embryologist, IVF lab success rate, accessibility , availability of Male reproductive specialists, availability of ICU and NICU, and availability of online communication channels

It also helps to choose a centre that gives IVF loans and IVF Part Payment Program.

How to choose an IVF Lab with the highest success rate?

Most IVF centres in Indore have similar equipment and use similar cultural media and  disposables. The differentiating factor is the knowledge of Embryologists. We are proud to be the only IVF lab in Indore to be operated by an Internationally certified Embryologist. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject guarantees the highest success rate in IVF.

What type of IVF will be performed by the Indore infertility center?

This question itself explains that the one asking it isn’t very clear on the technicalities of IVF. 

In vitro Fertilisation or IVF is usually the process wherein the oocytes are inseminated with a washed and prepared semen sample in a Petri dish. If the question is to ask, what kind of IVF insemination technique is followed by us in our lab, then the answer is “short incubation”. In this technique, the insemination time is limited to just 2 to 3 hours.

How can I increase my chances of having a successful IVF cycle?

Please read our blogs to understand the IVF Process better. As explained in the blog, the success of IVF treatment depends on the quality of eggs and sperm which eventually will result in determining the quality of embryos formed. The quality of eggs not only depends on the age of the female, it is also dependent on the general lifestyle and nutritional status.

The general advice to patients who wish to undergo IVF treatment is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain as stress-free as they can. Stress will impact the IVF cycle result negatively.

What are the side effects or issues that can be caused by IVF treatment?

IVF treatment these days is very safe and has minimal side effects. IVF if not done by experienced IVF specialists may lead to OHSS – ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Other mild side effects reported by patients are bloating, mild discomfort of pain at injection site, and at times nausea. Such symptoms usually relieve as soon as the IVF cycle is over.

What is the cost of Infertility Treatment ?

For details please click on the link. Cost of infertility treatment in indore.

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