What is CASA

CASA is used to study recorded video images of sperm through an extreamly powerful microscope. The images are then digitized and analyzed by a high-speed computer system (up to 60 frames per second) so that motility of individual sperm (and sperm populations) can be analyzed accurately.

Why use Computer Assisted Semen Analysis?

The quality and accuracy of manual microscopic semen analysis varies enormously from center to center and despite efforts to introduce standardization and quality control, it remains a time consuming and poorly reproducible process. Hence reliability of such reports are questionable.

Computer assisted semen analysis allows a very detailed determination of the parameters of sperm motility, the most important of which are:

  • VCL – Curvilinear Velocity – the total distance the sperm moves in a time unit (µm/s)
  • VSL – Straight Line Velocity (progressive velocity) – the distance the sperm moves along a straight line in a time unit (µm/s)
  • VAP – Path Velocity – mathematically smoothed path along which the sperm moves in a unit of time
  • ALH – Amplitude of Lateral Head Displacement (µm)

The CASA system is so precise that it enables our Andrologist’s to get a more accurate analysis by limiting the number of variables that exist with the manual analysis.

The first step towards evaluating Male Infertility is a Semen Analysis Test.
The CASA system brings forward the most accurate and reliable laboratory results available hence assuring accurate treatment.
It is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools for Male Infertility Today.

Why do we recommend CASA ?

Among numerous reasons why computer assisted semen analysis is worth choosing. Here are some of them:

  • Higher Reliability in predicting fertility – a CASA result correlates with the chance to become a father.
  • High degree of Precision, not provided by basic semen analysis
  • The test results are more Objective due to the standardization of testing conditions at each center
  • Motility parameters in CASA Reports are of greater usefulness in Infertility Evaluation in comparison with the results of standard semen analysis.

For those who believe in seeing for themselves, here’s how the CASA software screen looks like while analyzing the miniature miracle workers

CASA Software