Why Women Are Choosing Egg Freezing

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In today’s rapidly changing society, parenthood is experiencing a notable transformation. A clear trend observed worldwide is that a growing number of women are choosing fertility preservation methods like egg freezing. This shift in behavior extends beyond simple convenience or career aspirations; it mirrors broader cultural shifts and evolving priorities of modern women.

Evolving Trends in Education and Career Paths

In recent years, women have made remarkable strides in higher education and professional fields. Data shows that in 60% of countries globally, women are surpassing men in higher education. Worldwide, by 2010, women surpassed men in higher education in 67 out of 120 countries. As women excel in their careers, gaining better job prospects and financial independence, their views on wanting to attain motherhood are evolving. This leads to a re-evaluation of priorities and timelines for starting a family.

The Quest for Compatible Partners

One of the main drivers behind the increasing adoption of egg freezing is the challenge many women face in finding suitable life partners. Contrary to popular belief, recent surveys indicate that the primary reason for fertility preservation is not solely delaying motherhood for career advancement but rather the difficulty in finding compatible partners. As women pursue academic and professional achievements, they desire partners who not only share their values, ambitions and intellectual compatibility but also have the potential to earn equal or higher incomes. This quest for compatibility often extends the timeline for having children, leading to the exploration of fertility preservation options.


Empowerment and Accessibility

The increasing empowerment of women significantly contributes to the growing acceptance of egg freezing as a viable reproductive choice. With this knowledge, females gain the ability to make informed decisions regarding their reproductive future. Moreover, advancements in medical technology like oocyte vitrification, have enhanced the accessibility and standardization of egg freezing procedures. Notably, the safety of egg freezing methods has improved, ensuring a 100% survival rate for frozen eggs with a technology called oocyte vitrification. Despite the associated costs, the availability of this technology empowers women to assert control over their reproductive future.

Financial Independence and Corporate Support

The ability to achieve financial independence early on, significantly aids in the adoption of fertility preservation methods. Despite the considerable cost associated with egg freezing, the increasing number of cases suggests that women are willing to invest in securing their future motherhood aspirations. Furthermore, many progressive companies like Apple, Facebook, SnapChat, Google and Spotify are recognizing the importance of fertility preservation by including support for egg freezing in their employee benefits packages. This proactive approach is commendable and enables women to pursue their career objectives without sacrificing their reproductive goals, fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace environment. Fertility Benefits in terms of Financial support during IVF or Egg Freezing is also offered in many Indian Companies.

Shifting Perspectives and Timelines

In the past, women would typically contemplate fertility preservation options as they neared the end of their reproductive years close to their late thirties. However, there has been a significant change in recent times. Thanks to continuous education and awareness, women in their prime reproductive years are now choosing egg freezing. This shift reflects a broader cultural transformation, where timelines for marriage, career and motherhood are being redefined.

Challenges of Contemporary Living

The increasing prevalence of egg freezing among women emphasizes the evolving nature of fertility and reproductive health. As women excel in education and careers, they look for options that give them greater control, autonomy and flexibility in their personal lives. With advancements in technology and shifting societal norms, fertility preservation has become a viable solution for women managing the complexities of modern relationships.

We believe that fertility preservation should be a choice made by individuals who prioritize genetic parenthood and are willing to invest in securing their reproductive future. For those who would prefer not to pursue fertility preservation, we advocate for exploring alternative options, including the use of donor eggs if necessary, with careful consideration and informed guidance.

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