10 Myths & Facts About Infertility

Myth: Infertility is not that common
1 in 6 Couples face infertility, that’s the same as people who will have a stroke and people who will experience depression.
Myth: It will happen if we relax
Infertility treatment is often a race with your biological clock, if you are under 30, you may want to take it easy for a few months, but if you are over 30 you may want to seek help earlier in order not to lose precious time.
Myth: You should wait for a year of having natural unprotected sex before you can visit a specialist
If you are over 30, the waiting period is 6 months.
Myth: Infertility treatment is very costly
Compared to the cost of a Knee/Joint replacement surgery where one is treating just a part of human body, the cost of ICSI which results in an entire human baby being born is very less. IVF/ICSI will cost anywhere between 1 to 1.5 lacs. Most important thing to remember is that not every patient needs IVF.
Myth: A Female doctor will understand Infertility and related issues better than a Male doctor
True, a female will get the perspective of the female partner, but a Male doctor can understand and convince a Male partner to start treatment.
Myth: Infertility is mostly a female problem, so husband's do not need to be tested or bothered
Close to 40% of Infertility Problem is due to problems with Male Partner
Myth: Woman without ovaries cannot become a mother
Donor oocytes can be used to achieve motherhood
Myth: Ovulation occurs on day 14 so counting method will work in getting pregnant
Ovulation can happen any day between day 12 and day 16. It does not necessarily happen on the same day every month
Myth: Age does not affect Man's fertility
This is not true at all. Though the detrimental impact of ageing is more pronounced on Oocytes than on sperms, it would be incorrect to say that age has no effect on mans’ fertility. After the age of 40, it has been observed that sperm counts fall and other semen parameters like motility deteriorate steadily. Therefore the chances of conception also fall with an increase in mans’ age. It has also been noted in many studies that an increase in paternal age leads to many other disorders in children like subfertility and mental disorders.
Myth: Having a child will resolve all your problems
Parenthood is a phase and chapter of one’s life, the longest and the sweetest chapter, delve into it only if you and your partner are dead sure that you will be able to provide time, nurturing, emotional and financial security to the baby. As they often say that a child completes you. But having said that, we do not believe that a child will resolve all your problems, yes a child will surely fill in all the emptiness.
Myth: If you take a six month break from your current job and concentrate only on infertility treatment, it will increase your chances of conception
Depends, if you current job is stressing you out, then please do take a break. But if not having anything constructive to do and thinking about your treatment cycle all the time is adding on to your stress, then having a job and staying busy with it does help.
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