IVF Injections

IVF injections

Where to keep the IVF Injections ?

  • IVF Injections are to be kept inside the fridge at all times.
  • Advised storage temperature for most injections is usually 2-8 Degree Celsius.
  • Do not keep Injections in Freezer.
  • Check injection box to find out storage details.
  • While transporting injections from one place to another, always carry injections in an ice box with either ice or ice packs.
how to store ivf injections
ivf injections storing temperature

Check Storage Details

Timing of IVF Injections

  • Take injections at the same time everyday.
  • 1 hour here or there won’t make any difference but always stick to a timetable. A good idea is to set a daily alarm on your phone.
  • There is no gap between injections from the day you start till Oocyte Retrieval (OPU). Plan well in advance as to how to take the injections on holidays, travel days etc.

General Advice for IVF Injections 

  • No relation to meals – Can be taken before or after meals.
  • Not related to any activity – You can travel, work, exercise as usual.
  • Ice can be rubbed over the injection site if you are experiencing pain / discomfort.
  • Any other medicine can be taken along with the injections. It is however advisable to show all medicines to the treating physician.

Types of Injections : Subcutaneous (SC) & Intramuscular (IM)

types of injection subcutaneous vs intramuscular

IntraMuscular Injections (IM)

  • Intramuscular injection delivers the medication directly into a muscle.
  • Slightly longer needle than subcutaneous needle.
  • HMG, Progesterone and HCG (trigger shot) is usually given as an intramuscular injection
  • Injection site is usually the outer and upper quadrant of the buttocks.
  • Usually administered by nurse, but with little training, can be administered at home by partner.

Sub Cutaneous Injections (SC)

  • Usually easy to administer by self or partner.
  • Rec FSH, Antagonists like Cetrorelix and Agonists like Leuprolide Acetate are given subcutaneously
  • Preferred site is belly or front of the thigh.
  • The needle is the same as the one used by diabetics for administration of Insulin.
  • The sensation is that of a quick pinch, sometimes one may experience stinging sensation, itching and bluish discolouration over the skin after the injection.

What to do in case of pain after administration of Injections?

Ice fomentation by an Ice towel or Ice pack will help relieve the pain.

Ice towel Method

  1. Dampen a towel in water and put in a plastic bag.

  2. Put the bag in the freezer for 10 minutes.

  3. Place the bag on the injection site.

Ice Pack or Cold compress 

  1. Take ice in a bag and partially fill with water.

  2. Seal the bag and squeeze the air out of it.

  3. Wrap the bag in a damp towel and apply over injection site

Contact Clinic

  • If the injection or vial is found to be broken.
  • If any of the precautions given above have been missed – like keeping the injection in the freezer instead of the fridge.

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