ivf with donor sperm
ivf with donor sperm

Infertility unfortunately affects men and women equally. Azoospermia or absence of sperm in semen is a reality that affects around 10% of men facing infertility. Of many treatment options available for the male partner, IVF with Donor sperm is one of the options.

When is IVF with Donor Sperm recommended?

Following are a few situations where a couple may be advised to undergo IVF with donor sperms:

  • Lack of sperm or azoospermia where there are no chances of retrieval of sperm either surgically or after medication. This is also known as definitive azoospermia.
  • IVF with TESA where there is failure to retrieve sperm in TESA or Micro TESE sample.
  • Known genetic abnormality or chromosomal defect in the Male partner.
  • Single Females wishing to have children.


ivf with donor sperm steps

What is the process of IVF with Donor Sperm? How is it done ?

The process of IVF is similar to a regular IVF cycle. The only difference is that instead of fertilizing the eggs of female partner with sperm from male partner, the eggs are fertilized with donor sperm. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the female partner or frozen for later use. To know more about the process of IVF please read our blog on the same.

What is the success rate of IVF with Donor sperms ?

Since sperm donors are typically younger men with good physical health, the quality of sperm is good and hence the resulting embryo is usually of good quality. A good quality embryo increases the success rate of IVF cycle as compared to transferring an average of poor quality embryo.

How are donor sperm sourced ?

There are many registered sperm banks in India who source sperm to all registered ART Clinics. The vials of sperm can be transported to different cities.

How is sperm donor profile matched ?

Every registered sperm bank in India provides for profile for each of it’s sperm donor. Every sperm donor sample has a unique code that can be matched with it’s donor. Physical characteristics like height, eye color, hair color and educational background is usually available for all sperm donors.

Most registered sperm banks also provide for additional parameters like religion and meal preference of sperm donor on request. 

Will the sperm donor know where his sperm is used ?

No. Sperm donations are always anonymous. Also sperm donors are recruited by Registered ART banks and an IVF clinic sources the donor samples from the registered banks which most of the times are in different cities, there is not even a remote probability that the sperm donor can come to know which couple used his sample.

What is the cost of IVF with Donor Sperm ?

Donor sperm cost from a registered ART Bank ranges from 15K to 20K depending on blood group and profile of sperm donor.


Can I know if Sperm Donor is vegetarian ?

Typically this information is not mentioned in the default Donor Profile. You may request for the same with the ART Clinic, who may try to source a vegetarian sperm donor for you from a registered ART Sperm Bank. This however may take additional time.


What information is available for a Sperm Donor for Profiling ?

Most Registered Sperm Banks provide the following information with each sperm vial that they ship:

  • Age
  • Color of Hair
  • Color of eyes
  • Skin Color
  • Height

Educational background and Meal preference is usually available on request.


What tests are usually performed on Sperm Donors ?

All sperm donors are screened for communicable diseases like HIV-1, HIV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and syphilis.


Do Sperm Donors undergo genetic test ?

No. In most registered sperm banks, donors are not tested genetically since it is not mandated by the government yet.


Can I know educational background of Sperm Donor ?

Most registered ART banks do not provide educational background by default with regularly priced donor sperm sample. However educational background can be requested from Sperm Bank.


Will I be able to know religion of Sperm Donor ?

This can be requested from registered ART Banks.