Maid Of Honour

Behind Every Successful Woman,
There is a Trustworthy and Reliable Maid.

She is your lifeline, she is the one who does all the thankless jobs, so that you can do something meaningful and be SOMEONE. They are the one’s without whom our day today life comes to a standstill, they are the ones who make your living environment look like a Home that you want to come back to. Yet they are the most Underappreciated and Underpaid class of workers.

I personally dedicate my stint in Embryology partially to my household helpers without whom it would have been nearly impossible to manage a work life balance. They make me a better mother, a better Embryologist, a better spouse, a better host and a better friend. They give me my ME time that allows me my creativity and humanity.

As a token of appreciation to the most neglected workforce, we run a program called Maid of Honour, wherein we gift an IVF Cycle Free of cost to a deserving household helper or her immediate relative.

We have been running this program since 2018 and have so far successfully helped two people by completing their families.

Our first case under the program will always be very special to us. Pinky used to work as a household helper in my locality and she came to know about this program through word of mouth. She underwent a failed IVF cycle with us, but we did not give up hope. She became pregnant after the second attempt and today is a proud mother of a healthy child.

Pinky with her Anomaly Scan Report after conceiving on her second attempt at Embryo Transfer. She is now mother of a healthy baby.

Maid Of Honour Program

We open this program once a year. If you know of anyone who may qualify for this program, please whatsapp us on 9644444066.

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