Only Certified Clinical Embryologist in Indore


­­Indore’s first ESHRE Certified Clinical Embryologist and MP’s first ESHRE Certified Senior Clinical Embryologist.

ESHRE is a body that tests an Embryologist on all fronts ensuring that an Embryologist has sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject. ESHRE certification ensures that your gametes are in the best hands and eventually leads to better IVF result in the IVF lab. It is not an easy exam to clear hence there are only 19 such senior clinical Embryologist in India who have cleared this exam in last 11 years ever since it’s inception.

So what value does ESHRE certification add to an Embryologist?

Embryology is a combination of hands on skill and in depth knowledge about assisted reproduction. ESHRE Certification ensures that you know everything that you should know about human gametes (oocytes, sperm and embryos) and their culture in IVF lab so that you can handle oocytes and sperms in best possible way to ensure success in the IVF cycle.

Do you think you are the best Embryologist in Indore because you have ESHRE Certification?

Just like there is no one person who is the best doctor, you cannot be labelled as the best just because you have a degree or certificate. For 80% of the IVF cases, having a certification will not matter. As long as you use prescribed culture environment and decent embryology skill, any embryologist can deliver standard result in the IVF lab.

However, for those niche 20% cases like very low Ovarian Reserve, severe case of Male Infertility, non-obstructive Azoospermia, carriers of Genetic Disorders, Recurrent Implantation Failures etc. what, when and how things are done in IVF lab does matter. There are many tricks that can be applied to bring about success in such cases.

ESHRE certification gives you the knowhow and knowledge of what can be and what should be done in such cases. It may not always guarantee success but it definitely gives the satisfaction to patients that everything that could be done has been tried as their gametes were in knowledgeable hands of one of the best embryologists in India.

What types of infertility cases do you find the most challenging in IVF Lab?

Finding sperms from non-obstructive Azoospermia in a diagnostic TESA or micro-TESE, after hours of looking through the microscope, freezing the sample for later use, then successfully thawing the sample on day of ovum pickup for the patient’s wife, again spending hours to locate viable sperms, and finally performing ICSI at the right time, then culturing till blastocyst stage to give an uneventual pregnancy. This entire process is like hitting the bulls eye! Absolutely tiresome but equally satisfying!! Takes a lot of patience and perseverance to be able to deliver result in such difficult cases.

Another personal favourite is Oocyte Cryopreservation for Fertility Preservation in Cancer patients. Three years back we froze oocytes for a girl who was due to undergo chemotherapy. She became cancer free after a year and got married, recently we performed ICSI on her frozen oocytes to make a healthy blastocyst and now she is in her second trimester. Such cases bring about immense amount of satisfaction. It strengthens the belief that what you do, does impact lives.

Do you also train upcoming Embryologist who wish to learn Embryology?

Yes we do. We run a training program by the name of Embryogeny. We offer certificate courses in basic and Advance Clinical Embryology, Andrology, IVF Nursing and many more.

We also provide hands-on training on advanced modules like ICSI and Vitrification. We are proud that some of our alumni’s are successful Embryologists handling their own IVF Centre.

Any words of advice to those who wish to take up Embryology as a career ?

Embryology is indeed one of the most satisfying career choices that one can make. It takes a lot of precision, practice and patience to become an Embryologist. To know more about Embryology as a career do read this blog.

Any final words of advice to patients who have had multiple IVF Failure ? Can a better IVF Lab and certified Embryologist give them better result ?

A very difficult question. Every egg in your body has a different genetic composition. Hence result of every cycle will not be the same. Also, what we eat and how we live does impact us at cellular level. We have seen patients who had undergone IVF retrieval with no good quality eggs, failed fertilization and failed culture to conceive naturally without any help from us and deliver healthy baby. So do not take the result of an IVF Cycle as a final verdict. Try again if you can financially, it might work the next time. 

Certified Embryologist does not guarantee 100% IVF Success, but it does guarantee application of 100% knowledge of the latest tools, techniques and skill for your case!

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