Male Infertility Specialist

male fertility

Today Infertility is no longer a Woman’s problem!

Statistically Male Factor comprises of 40% of total Infertility Causes which is same as the Female Factor. In India, Male Infertility is not a socially accepted Problem hence Men tend not to get themselves tested.

As a couple you need to understand that Infertility is no ones fault. It is simply a medical condition that needs to be resolved.

There are various factors that has resulted in increase in male infertility over the past two decades. Obesity, lack of physical exercise, excessive use of cell phones and laptops, genetically modified food etc are a few factors for fast depleting sperm count in urban Men.

It is better to get the Male Partner undergo Fertility Evaluation earlier during the treatment so that in case of any issues, the treatment can start sooner than later.

Always remember that it is better to KNOW than to WONDER. While choosing a Fertility Clinic, try to choose a clinic that offers comprehensive Men’s Infertility Evaluation and Treatment services. That way you will have all the facilities under one roof and will not have to visit multiple clinics for treating both partners.

Also the male partner should not try to associate their Infertility issues with feeling of inadequacy, failure and guilt. Remember that this is just a phase and this too shall pass.

Indore Infertility provides comprehensive male fertility services. Our Clinic specializes in Male Infertility evaluation and male fertility treatment.

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