Infertility is no longer a “Female Problem“. 40% Infertility is due to Male Factor.

Our Clinic specializes in Male Infertility evaluation and treatment. We are Central India’s first Fertility Clinic that offers both Male and Female Fertility Services.

Male Infertility on Rise

A male factor is solely responsible in about 20% of couples facing problem in conceiving  and contributory in another 30-40%.  Unlike females who are not as reluctant to visit a Gynecologist, when it comes to Men, they shy away from any kind of advice leading to increased frustration.

Male Partners, should understand that to achieve conception, sometimes both partners need to undergo treatment simultaneously, else conception will not take place.

An Andrologist (usually a Man) treats the male reproductive organ and deals with Male Fertility.
So Men need not shy away from doctors, as our Andrologist will surely understand what you are dealing with.

Here’s a Comprehensive list of Infertility related Services for the Male Partner: