Two Weeks Wait After Embryo Transfer

I had a friend who once said that the most painful part of IVF was not the injections or even the actual Ovum Pick Up, but the 2 weeks waiting period to know the result.

No matter how logical it seemed that one should keep busy and stop thinking about the outcome, but the more I wanted to NOT think, the more I was thinking about it.

Endless advice about how to keep occupied came mostly from those whose advice didn’t matter at all. Like elder relatives and neighbors, friends who had children and men who couldn’t have children. Nothing helped…… watching TV, Movies, listening to music, social media…………….somehow my brain would always find excuses to think about it……….I wish there were a sleeping pill that could put me to sleep for 2 weeks.

Thankfully, I was working in a high pressure job, which required me to be up and about and busy for most part of the day, but my brain would always multitask, the thoughts of the impending result would tide every few hours. Finally I found a way to shut down my brain, I used to come back from work and for hours sit knitting until i was exhausted.

My only advice for those undergoing the dreadful 2 week wait…….You should know that there are many many other’s who sail the same boat as yours, have the same amount of anxiety and stress, have the same sinking feeling as yours, have the same fear as yours…….. And sometimes all you need is to be heard & understood and to know that you are not alone!

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