After The Embryo Transfer

Do’s and Don’ts after Embryo Transfer

The best thing to do after embryo transfer is to stay calm, apply common sense and try to continue living life as normally as possible.
The only thing not to do is think that implantation of the embryo will be affected by anything that you do.

Embryo Transfer


Commonly asked questions after embryo transfer are:

Is complete bed rest required after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I walk after after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I climb stairs after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I sit on floor after Embryo transfer ?

Can I squat after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I have sex after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I exercise after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I sit on the floor after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I do housework after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I continue with my job after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I swim after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I eat spicy food after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I travel by bus or train after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I travel by airplane after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I take other medicines for ailment like common cold , fever , upset stomach etc. after Embryo Transfer ?

Can I sleep on my tummy position after Embryo Transfer ?

embryo implant into the uterus

What to do after ET ?

At times doing nothing special after Embryo Transfer works better than trying to be extra careful after the embryo transfer.

The only advice that an IVF Clinic can give in terms of what a patient should do after Embryo Transfer is related to the medication that is needed to support the pregnancy.  Every patient is advised to either take oral medication, or gel based medication or injections to support their pregnancy after the Embryo transfer. Be sure to take the medication meticulously as prescribed by the IVF Clinic. 

Many patients are careless about administration of the medicine after Embryo transfer which might result in impacting the success of your IVF Cycle.

What is the best position to sleep after ET ?

There is no scientific evidence that shows that sleeping in any particular position after Embryo Transfer favors or harms the result of an IVF.

Sleep like you normally do. Your body will tell you what is best and most comfortable.

Sleeping on the tummy will not harm your chances of conception during such early days of pregnancy. Sleep however way you feel comfortable.

What can I do to make my embryo implant into the uterus ?

Honestly, there is nothing that you can do other than taking your prescribed medicines on time. 

Your IVF specialist will prescribe you some medication often called luteal phase support, to help the embryo implant into your uterus, taking these medication on time is of paramount importance. 

It is best to use your cell phone alarm to buzz as a reminder for your medication. However if you happen to miss one dose, take the medication as soon as you remember without panicking.

If you think you are stressed about it, call your IVF specialist to talk to them about the missed medication.

Apart from leading a normal life, eating balanced nutritious food and keeping yourself constructively occupied, there isn’t anything that you can or cannot do which will directly impact your Embryo Transfer result.

As far as prescription medicines given for regular ailment like cold or cough, fever etc is concerned, it is best to ask your IVF doctor once before taking these medication. Paracetamol is generally safe and can be taken after Embryo Transfer.

When will I start feeling symptoms of pregnancy after Embryo Transfer ?

Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea etc. usually are not detected that early in pregnancy. Some women hardly feel any pregnancy related symptoms even during their first trimester. 

Even if you do not feel any symptoms, it does not mean that you are not pregnant. So stop worrying about it.

Many patients are obsessed with the day by day symptoms after Embryo Transfer. Data has shown that most of the women do not feel any pregnancy symptoms during the early days after Embryo Transfer. Regular pregnancy symptoms will usually be felt after the bHCG Report if at all, many women may not even feel such symptoms all together.

I need to travel for work after Embryo Transfer. What precaution should I take ?

Apart from carrying your prescription medication in enough quantity there is no other precaution that you should take. It is always a good idea to carry your IVF specialist’s prescription with you when you travel.

Biochemical Pregnancy Treatment

How soon can I test to see if I am pregnant after Embryo Transfer ?

You should follow exactly what your IVF specialist has mentioned. The day on which you can test to see detectable amount of serum bHCG in the blood is based on the age of Embryo. So just be patient and wait after embryo transfer till the doctor has advised.

Testing on the home pregnancy kit or Urine pregnancy kit is not advisable as Infertility specialist are more interested in the exact serum value of bHCG.

Can I have a drink with alcohol after Embryo Transfer ?

Ideally you should not. However if you have not disclosed about your embryo transfer to friends and colleagues and you have been offered a drink at a social gathering, it is easier to take the drink and dispose it at chance you get rather than to explain why you are not drinking to people around you.

What precautions should I take after Embryo Transfer ?

Rest well.

Don’t overthink.

Try to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Take your prescribed medications meticulously without fail.

Do not over exert.

What not to do after IVF ? What to do after IVF Embryo Transfer ?

Whatever you do, please remember to take your after Embryo Transfer medication on time. This is the most important instruction.

Keep hydrated, avoid too much physical or mental stress, avoid over thinking.

Continue a routine normal life as far as possible.

As stated before, one should try to be as normal as possible after Embryo Transfer. Going for walks, going to work, doing the normal chores at home etc. are all recommended. Being glued to the bed will do you no good.

In fact bed rest has been shown to reduce pregnancy rates in studies. This fact has been proven beyond doubt in many studies. One such study which has been published in the leading IVF and ART journals is available online at:

Complete lack of physical activity will not do any good to the body.

Restricting physical activities and restraining one’s own self to a room and bed will cause unnecessary stress because the only thing that you’ll be thinking about is what to do and what not to do.

Here’s another video that explains the post Embryo Transfer phase in very logical and simple words :

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