You are not Alone


Why me or Why Us?

If this is what you ask, then you should be rest assured that you are not alone. 

As many as 1 in 6 couples (percentages range from 7% to 15% worldwide) face problem in conceiving and the numbers are increasing every decade.

It’s just that due to the personal nature of the problem, this problem is not as publicly and openly discussed as other medical conditions like say diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that over 60% of couples having problem in conceiving try to hide the fact from others. That is why the misconception arises that Infertility is not a common problem.

Fertility issues has been on rise due to various factors like choosing to delay motherhood, obesity, exposure to environmental toxins etc. Infertility is on rise in both woman and men equally. Also couples who delay parenthood for various reasons should know that you may not become pregnant as easily in your 30’s as compared to your 20’s so please do not have any unrealistic expectations.

But the bottom line is that even though infertility is on rise, the percentage of couples who never have children due to unresolved infertility is very low, as low as 2-5% so there is reason to he hopeful. With a little help most couples do end up realizing their dream of becoming a parent. Some need more help while some need less. Among other things, the attitude of couples towards treatment does impact the outcome of the treatment positively.

Infertility often is a Struggle in Silence, but finding a support system in friends, doctors or counselor helps.

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