Top 5 Tips to Improve Sperm Count


Sperms are the smallest cells of human body. Everything that we do directly impacts the quality of every cell in our body. The impact may not be obvious on day today basis, but over years our actions certainly impact the quality of every cell in our body.

Some of us are genetically blessed and the impact of indulgence in food does not show up that soon, however most of us do show the impact of over indulgence in food, smoking, alcohol and lack of physical activity sooner.

DID YOU KNOW:  Sperms take approximately 70 days to mature from the time they are produced from germ cells to the time they are released.


Here are some tips that will help you improve your sperm quality. These tips are just reiterating the already known facts

Tip 1:

Keep your weight in check.

Measure your body mass Index (there are many BMI calculators online in which all you need is to enter your weight and height).

If you are overweight, reduction in weight is extremely important as being overweight can cause reduction in sperm count (low sperm count) and motility (low motility). Obesity also causes reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction. All these factors can add to the problem of infertility and therefore weight reduction in those who are obese is the first step in order to improve chances of becoming a father.

How does weight affect your chances to conceive or sperm count ?

Increased weight causes reduced Testosterone levels (Male hormone) and high oestrogen levels (Female hormone) and hence there is a strong relationship between obesity and Infertility. This hormone imbalance causes low sperm count and also reduces the motility of sperms. Research has shown that those who are obese have a three times less chance of conceiving when compared with those who have a normal BMI.

Dieting and exercise will help you reduce weight and therefore getting in touch with a good dietician and a good physical trainer is always a good idea to start this journey of reducing your BMI so that it comes in normal range.

Tip 2 :

Eating healthy

In order to improve your Fertility, one should consume a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals. Anything that is colored, fresh and seasonal is good for your health and whatever is good for your health is good for your sperms as well. Vitamin C has been shown to be an important anti-oxidants for sperm health.

What not to eat if you’re planning a pregnancy?

Too much sugar, processed food, too much of fat containing food, red meat and too much of salt – All these are not good for general quality of sperms.

What not to do if you’re planning a pregnancy?

Nicotine and tobacco in any form – chewing or smoking will have an adverse effect on sperm count and sperm motility. Quitting alcohol and tobacco are extremely important because other medications and life style measures will not have the desired outcome if one continues to smoke or drink.  

Tip 3

Avoid infections especially those which are sexually transmitted because infection of the genital tract can have a negative impact on both sperm count and sperm quality.

Tip 4

Avoid stress.

Although easier said than done, there is enough evidence to suggest that stress and anxiety have a negative impact on fertility. Although some amount of stress is inevitable in today’s world and life, limiting that stress is entirely in our hands. Stress can impact your sperm count and quality.

Tip 5


In a large metacentric study it was proven that those men who exercise for at least 45 minutes a day, five days a week, in whom the basal heart rate increases by at least 20%, and in whom body weight was found to reduce upon exercise, the semen parameters pre-exercise and post exercise were significantly better.
There was an increase in the sperm count and motility in those men who exercise regularly and therefore exercise should be a part of your lifestyle rather than anything additional.

In a nutshell: you just need to do all things that you already know are beneficial and stop doing those things that you already know will cause harm to you and eventually your fertility.

We all know the facts, it just about applying them. It may sound very difficult to achieve, but it is something that defines the beginning of your parenthood journey.  Try achieving a healthy body weight first, it does improve your overall health.

Try talking with our Fertility Specialist

If you think you have tried all the above tips and yet not able to improve your sperm quality, try talking to our Fertility Expert.

Sometimes antioxidant therapies do help in improving SPERM QUALITY

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