What’s the Difference Between IUI and IVF

iui or ivf
Difference between IUI and IVF

Both IUI and IVF are methods of fertilization, however to understand the difference between IUI and IVF please read the complete blog.

IUI Process
IUI is short form for Intra Uterine Insemination. IUI is the first line of treatment for Infertility for most of the patients who visit any fertility Clinic. However, if patient has blocked tubes or husband has very poor semen parameters, the treatment usually suggested is IVF.
Washed sperm is placed in uterus of female patient close to time of her ovulation during IUI process. To know more about IUI process please read our blog on the same.
IVF Process
IVF, is short form for In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is suggested in following cases:
Female Patients with:
  • Blocked tubes
  • Low ovarian reserve or low AMH
  • Advanced maternal age
Male Patients with:
  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • OATS ( Oligo Astheno Teratozoo spermia)
Difference between IUI and IVF

Who Can Benefit from IUI?

IUI is generally suggested to females in early thirties if they have appropriate ovarian reserve and patent tubes. IUI treatment should be taken only if the tubes are open or patent. 

Men with borderline or low sperm count (lower than 10 Million per mL) will have lower chances of success using IUI. Also men with low progressive sperm motility (lower than 25% progressively motile sperm) will have lower chances of success using IUI.

Who Can Benefit from IVF?

Females with tubal blockage where either one tube is blocked or both tubes are blocked will benefit highly from IVF.

Natural conception becomes difficult in case of females with low ovarian reserve (low AMH) as female might not ovulate in each of her cycle. In such cases IVF gives better success rate. 

Usually waiting for natural conception makes no sense for patients with advance maternal age, as their ovarian reserve decreases steadily with age at a fast rate. In such patients, it makes sense to undergo IVF while they still have some eggs left in their ovaries.

Females who want to delay pregnancy by a few years may also benefit from IVF. In such females, IVF procedure can be performed to make embryos and store these embryos for as long as they do not want motherhood.

In case the male partner has poor semen parameters, like low sperm count or sperm concentration, low sperm motility or poor morphology of sperm, in such cases IUI treatment has very low success rate and IVF procedure usually gives good result.

Patients who suffer from unexplained infertility and have undergone 3 to 4 cycles of IUI and yet have not conceived, should consider undergoing IVF cycle.

What is the difference between IUI and IVF cost ?

Cost of IUI Cycle in a city like Indore is between INR 6000 to INR 8000. In metro cities IUI cycle can cost around 10 to 15 thousand rupees.

Cost of IVF Cycle in Indore is between INR 1 Lac to 1.75 Lacs. In metro cities the cost of IVF cycle can range from 1.5 Lacs to 2 Lacs

IUI vs IVF: Which Is Right ?

There are many factors that needs to be considered. When the female partner is of age less than 30 years with open tubes and husband has normal semen parameters, then IUI treatment can be tried for 3 to 4 cycles.

If the female partner has poor ovarian reserve, it probably makes more sense to undergo IVF treatment directly as it will give better success rate.

What is the difference between IUI and IVF Time to Pregnancy ?


How long does it take to get pregnant with IUI and IVF

During IUI treatment, medication is started on Day 2 or Day 3 of menstrual cycle and IUI insemination is done close to ovulation.

Day of ovulation varies from female to female. But most cases ovulation occurs between 12th to 13th day of Periods. After the IUI insemination, blood test beta HCG is done after 14 days to detect if patient is pregnant or not. Hence IUI process takes roughly 15 days from start of medicine to IUI insemination.

During IVF process, patient may be given pre-treatment for a month or two before starting the IVF cycle. Depending on the IVF stimulation protocol, patients will need to administer injections for roughly 12 to 20 days. OPU or ovum pickup is planned after 12 to 20 days of being on injections.

After ovum pickup, the patient may undergo embryo transfer 3 to 5 days after the OPU or may choose to undergo frozen embryo transfer. Beta hCG hormone is tested roughly 13 to 14 days after embryo transfer. Hence process of IVF from start to pregnancy takes roughly 2 months.

Both IUI and IVF are effective treatment options for treating infertility. The choice of treatment depends on patient history, affordability and patience.

Consult an IVF specialist in indore who understands you and your history and suggests treatment options based on all these factors.