Zero Waiting Time

We value your time! 

How do we promise a near to Zero waiting time? Read On… At our Clinic we value ‘Time’ and hence have the following best practices to ensure that couples visiting us do not have to waste time:
  • We do not overbook ourselves with too many appointments very close to each other.
  • Walk-in’s are welcome but we give preference to patients with prior Appointments.
  • We call in patients with appointment, 10 minutes before the said time so that paperwork can be completed in time
  • We keep a decent buffer between appointments so that the scenario of prior appointments running late can be avoided
  • We encourage patients to seek online/telephone appointments rather than simply walking in and wait.
  • In case Doctor’s have to go in for any emergency procedure, prior information is sent to all patients with appointments on phone/sms
  • Our Doctor’s are dedicated to our clinic, so once in for the day, they do not leave in between, hence more availability.
  • Our staff is well trained and organized and know how to manage high patient influx. And we maintain records online, so no time is wasted in searching for records/files/reports.
And above all, it is the staff demeanor that makes the most difference. 
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