Cost of Female Fertility Treatment

Cost of Fertility treatment is a very important differentiator for most patients. In an era where most IVF centre’s provide similar services, the most important deciding factor for patients is often the cost of IVF or IUI cycle. We do understand the importance of hard earned money and hence we try our best to offer patient friendly affordable packages keeping the cost of IVF in Indore a bit lower than most other IVF centres in Indore.

We have tried to list down the average IVF cost in Indore Infertility Clinic. Please note that even though we might try to stick to the cost mentioned on the website, but at times due to patient centric parameters like patient history and previous IVF cycle results, the cost differs by maximum 10%


What is the IVF Cost, Packages And IVF Cost Credit facility in Indore ?

IVF cost in Indore

Indore being a tier 2 City, the cost of IVF in Indore is a bit less than metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The cost of IVF in Indore in 2023 averages between 1 Lac to 2 Lacs. The exact cost of IVF cycle depends on patient age, reason for infertility and many other factors including experience of doctors and experience of embryologists. Average cost of IVF package in Indore is usually 1.25 Lacs.

Loans for IVF Treatment, Financial Help for Treatment

There are many financing companies that offer IVF treatment at zero interest EMI For more details you can check our blog insurance for IVF treatment

IUI cost in indore or IUI treatment cost indore.

IUI cost in Indore

IUI cost in Indore typically ranges from 8000 to 12 thousand rupees. Cost of IUI includes cost of medicine, ultrasound for follicular monitoring and IUI semen sample preparation. If Donor sample IUI is advised then the cost of IUI can be upto 25 thousand

Loans for IUI Treatment, Financial Help for IUI Treatment

Since the IUI treatment usually ranges less than 15K , most clinics allow patients to make part payment during the treatment cycle which is payable before the day of IUI.

Cost of infertility treatment in indore

Is there any hidden cost to infertility treatment?

Any reputed IVF Clinic will make sure that they inform about the IVF package cost to patient which will include everything from start to end. Typically IVF packages include:

Some centres include all the above in their IVF package and hence the IVF package looks on higher side, however some IVF centres do not include and charge for some items like semen cryopreservation and embryo cryopreservation separately, hence IVF packages for such centres look very low at the beginning. At Indore Infertility Clinic, we believe in giving a comprehensive IVF Package without charging individual items separately.

What is the Cost Of Donor eggs programme and factors that may affect the donor egg costing ?

Cost Donor Egg includes two parts. Part one is the cost of ART Bank for investigations, registration, screening and recruitment of egg donor. The second part is the expense incurred by the donor in terms of travel, accommodation etc. This amount has to be compensated by the couple to the donor directly. Apart from these two expenses, the couple has to bear expenses for medical insurance of the egg donor for a period of one year.

Some frequently asked questions related to cost of IVF treatment in Indore.

Our pricing is completely transparent with base package of IVF at Indore being similar for most patients, however the actual cost of IVF in Indore differs from patient to patient because of patient history.


 Regular semen analysis is typically done under INR500 in Indore. However, advanced Semen Analysis which involves detailed assessment of sperm morphology and vitality under a phase contrast microscope (WHO Manual 6) costs around INR1000.

IVF treatment cost is inclusive of cost of follicular monitoring, cost of drugs for stimulating the ovaries, cost of semen processing and freezing, cost of disposables and media used in IVF lab and above all cost of the time that an IVF specialist doctors and embryologist gives for your case.

Typically IVF treatment cost’s less in Indore as compared to metros however since the cost of IVF drugs and Media are costlier in non metro cities because of transportation charges, the cost of IVF cycle in Indore is typically about 15% cheaper than Metros.

An IVF cycle can cost anywhere between 1 Lac to 1 Lac 50 thousand if opted with self gametes.

IUI treatment is inclusive of cost of medication during the stimulated IUI cycle, cost of follicular monitoring, cost of the injection for triggering rupture of follicle as well as semen processing charges. The cost of IUI in Indore Infertility Clinic is appx INR 8500.

If IUI is advised with Donor sperms, then the cost of Donor sperms needs to be separately borne.

The cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer in Indore Infertility Clinic is around 50 thousand rupees.

Blastocyst Culture cost is included in our IVF packages, we do not charge separately for Blastocyst Culture.

We do not charge separately for Embryo freezing and typically our cost of embryo freezing are included in IVF packages.

If the sperm freezing is for IVF procedure at our clinic, then we do not charge separately for sperm freezing, however if the sperm freezing is for fertility preservation, our charges are approximately 3500 for freezing two vials for a year.

The cost of donor eggs at Indore Infertility Clinic used to be approximately 50 thousand over and above the IVF package charges. However due to the new ART regulation which has been in effect since March 2022, we expect the cost of donor eggs to rise exponentially and it is difficult to predict the actual cost at this point of time.

The cost of donor sperms at Indore Infertility Clinic used to be approximately two thousand. However the new ART regulation has brought changes in Donor charges, leading to exponential rise in cost of donor sperms.

Cost of Laparoscopy in Indore is approximately twenty five thousand

Cost of surrogacy in Indore used to be around 12 to 15 lakhs up until December 2021. However after the implementation of Surrogacy Regulation and Rules since Jan 2022, the cost of surrogacy at Indore has been predicted to go up exponentially. Since there are many things which are still not clear about the implementation of surrogacy bill, it will be very difficult to predict the new surrogacy cost in Indore.