Infertility Counselling By Certified Counsellors

Infertility Counseling

Why do we need Counselling?

The process of Counselling gives couples an ability to express and explore their feelings, beliefs, thoughts and problems with someone who may not have walked your shoes but is closest to one’s who have.

Counselors are trained to understand the type of issues usually faced by couples undergoing treatment. Apart from being a good ear to your problems, they can offer invaluable advice and suggestions to you that might help you ease your pain.

Sometimes during the process of Counselling couples discuss things that they haven’t discussed even with each other, making it easy for them to objectively understand each other’s fear, concerns and behavior.

Open discussion with a Counselor often gives couples an opportunity of developing their thoughts, couples will often change their perspectives towards treatment and be in a better position to make an informed decision on their future direction.

At our Clinic we offer Certified Counselor’s who help couples in every step of their infertility journey. And most of the times talking to our Doctor’s during the initial work up itself clears a lot of air and eliminates the need of deep counselling.


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