Weight and Your Fertility

weight and your fertility

If I am planning pregnancy, what should be my ideal weight?

The most commonly used method to figure out your ideal weight is BMI or Body Mass Index, which is a ratio of weight and height. You can enter your weight and height in tools available online and it will calculate your BMI. Weight on the basis of BMI values is classified as below:

body mass index bmi

Does obesity or being overweight have an impact on fertility and conceiving normally? Does obesity reduce chances of spontaneous conception?

Yes, Obesity reduces chances of conceiving spontaneously. This is because increased weight causes hormonal imbalance which leads to irregular ovulation or menstrual irregularities. You should visit your fertility doctor and also get tested for other commonly occurring medical problems like low thyroid levels (Hypothyroidism), sugar (Hyperglycemia) and blood pressure (Hypertension).

Does weight and obesity have an impact on response of fertility treatment? Does obesity reduce chances of becoming pregnant with IVF?

In women who are obese, the response to ovulation medicines used in IUI or IVF is less as compared to the response seen in women with normal BMI.

There are many studies which have confirmed that IUI and IVF Success Rates are lower in obese / overweight women. Therefore optimizing BMI before starting treatment is advisable.

Is there any relation between PCOS and obesity?

PCOS and Obesity usually co-exist. PCOS causes tendency to gain weight and Obesity worsens PCOS. This vicious cycle of weight gain, obesity and PCOS is very frustrating for most PCOS patients who have infertility. It is best to visit your fertility expert who will help you regularize menstrual cycles and also help in controlling weight gain associated with PCOS. Please read our Blog on PCOS below for more information on the same.

Does IVF treatment and IVF injections cause Obesity?

IVF injections used for Ovarian Stimulation do not cause obesity. It is a very common myth that treatment of infertility and medicines used for IVF lead to weight gain. This is not correct. It is the physical inactivity and lack of diet control which causes weight gain. Please ask your fertility specialist about diet and exercises that you can do while undergoing treatment. 

Does Obesity cause higher risk of miscarriage?   

Many studies have proven that obesity is associated with a higher risk of miscarriage. Obesity also leads to more complications during pregnancy like preterm labour, Pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes and many other antenatal problems. Therefore, before becoming pregnant, you should ensure that your BMI is in the normal range.

Do men also have obesity related infertility? Does obesity have any effect on sperm and semen parameters?

Obesity is associated with reduced sperm counts (Oligozoospermia) and reduced motility (Asthenozoospermia). These Semen Abnormalities can cause infertility.

Obesity also affects male hormones like Testosterone which may lead to disorders of sexual function and libido which can also lead to infertility.


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